Marking and marking Tools MCQ In English

Marking and marking Tools MCQ In English

Marking and marking Tools MCQ in English

1. The tool, which is used for laying out large circle is
(b) Divider
(c)Jenny caliper 
(d) Scriber
 Ans. A

2. Which type of rule is used for marking and measuring patterns 
and hot jobs handled by blacksmith?
(a) Narrow rule 
(b) Shrink rule
(c) Hook rule 
(d) short rule
 Ans. B

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3. Which one of the following parts of a universal surface gauge 
helps to draw parallel lines along a datum edge?
(a) Fine adjusting screw 
(b) Guide pins
(c) Base
(d) Rocker arm
 Ans. B

4. The point angle of scriber is
(a) 30 
(b) 60
(c) 5 to 10
(d) 12 to 15
Ans. D

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5. The point angle of center punch is
 (a) 30 
 (b) 60
 (c) 90 
 (d) 120 
 Ans. C

6. During marking the reference surface is provided by
 (a) Sketch of the job
 (b) Work piece
 (c)Marking off table surface 
 (d) Surface gauge
 Ans. A

7. The slots are provided on angle plate for
(a) accommodating bolts 
(b) hanging with hooks
(c) reducing weight 
(d) aligning the work
Ans. D

8. A divider is used for
(a) scribing circles 
(b) scribing arcs
(c) transferring and stepping of distance
(d) all of the above
Ans. D

10. Which of the following is not the part of a combination set?
(a) stock 
(b) Protractor head
(c) Square head 
(d) Centre head
Ans. A

11 Scriber is made of
(a) copper 
(b) High carbon steel
(c) Mild Steel 
(d) Cast Iron
Ans. B

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