Making money from youtube in 2021

Making money from YouTube in 2021

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How much will you earn on YouTube per subscriber, view, like and click in 2021?

Making money from YouTube videos in 2021  is still a big dream for many. Unfortunately it is not that easy to become a YouTube star and many are not sure how much you actually earn on YouTube.That’s why I’m going to talk about what you can earn per subscriber, view, like and click in 2021.


Can You Make Quick Money On YouTube?

There are many YouTube beginners who dream of becoming a YouTube star.Unfortunately, you can’t make quick and easy money on YouTube either. On the contrary.According to my experience and the many statistics that I have seen, it is actually quite difficult to make a living from YouTube.

If all criteria are met, especially the quality of the content and the copyright, you can register with the YouTube partner program .In the end, this is an offshoot of Google AdSense , with which advertisements and spots are automatically displayed in your own YouTube videos.


But what do you actually get money from YouTube for?

Money for subscribers?

How much do you earn on YouTube per subscriber, view, like and click?A common question is whether you can get money for your own subscribers. However, this is not the case.

So it doesn’t really matter at first whether you have 100, 1,000 or 10,000 subscribers. You don’t get any money for this perse. Of course, the number of subscribers affects other things like the number of video views. See below.

In India, paid YouTube channel memberships are now possible, which in turn mean income for YouTubers. But that is certainly not a sure-fire success, as you need a large and loyal community for it.


Money for likes?

Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist either. No matter how many people rate your video positively, you won’t get any money for it.But of course there are indirect effects here too, which in turn have a positive effect on income. Very well rated videos end up in the YouTube search and of course get more video views.


Money for views?


Now we’re on to a metric that really has a direct impact on making money from YouTube . Advertisers can choose between different ad formats on YouTube .And as a YouTuber you can also activate one or more of these types of ads for your own videos.

Most types of ads work on the CPM principle. So here is billed according to the number of advertisements. The more people watch the ads on your YouTube videos, the more you earn.

There are no figures from YouTube itself, but most YouTubers report around EUR 1 to EUR 1.50 per 1,000 video views on average. For me, the income was around 1.42 euros per 1,000 video views last year.

To earn 1,000 euros a month, you need between 650,000 and 1 million video views a month. That’s a hell of a lot. And you don’t really have a full-time income with it.

One reason for the not so high income is the AdBlocker, which is now also widely used on YouTube. But many advertisers are now also paying less.


Money for clicks?


You also get remuneration for clicks on YouTube. Here you can see the AdSense origin in particular.

However, the advertisers decide whether they want to advertise per click or per view. So you can’t influence that. If you want to generate income per click, you have to activate the ad formats “display ads” and “overlay ads” for your own videos, as only these offer kick compensation for making money from YouTube .

So in addition to watching ads, clicks are also very helpful in earning more. However, this income is included in the 1-2 euros per 1,000 views already mentioned above.

Depending on the video content (topic) and the corresponding advertising, the number of clicks can be well above the average and really be worthwhile. But you have to try it yourself.That’s all?650,000 to 1,000,000 video views per month for 1,000 euros. That is a lot of wood and one or the other could be demotivated.

But the YouTube affiliate program isn’t the only source of income available to YouTubers. You can also use affiliate marketing , for example , by adding affiliate links to products in the video description.

Product sponsorship and generally paid videos are another option. If you work in an industry where companies provide products, with a certain reach of a channel they may be interested in presenting their products in the video. But here it is important to pay attention to transparency and to point out such deals. Otherwise legal trouble can quickly arise.

How much will you earn from making money on YouTube per subscriber, view, like and click in 2021?Donations are also a way of raising money. It can work well when you have loyal fans.Or you can take a detour, for example via Patreon . Many YouTubers use this service to get regular income from fans.

In this way, by combining different sources of income , you can build up an overall income that is enough to live on or even more.Nevertheless, six to seven-digit video views are required per month. And it takes to reach these numbers.


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Alternative Twitch

One possible alternative is Twitch. There you can earn good income with significantly fewer live viewers.One of the reasons for this is that it is possible for every viewer to subscribe to individual channels for 4.99 euros per month. With many loyal viewers, this is of course worth a lot more than adverts, which are also available on Twitch.

In addition, a donation function was introduced at Twitch, which also enables income.But whether YouTube or Twitch is better for making money is hard to say. Both are definitely more work than many beginners imagine.



If you want to work out what you could earn on YouTube, you should take a look at this online calculator . In another article I analyzed how many video views are really necessary, including examples.I have summarized many tips for setting up and optimizing your own channel on this tips page.


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