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Make money with Instagram – the 5 best strategies

In contrast to other social networks, Instagram has taken on a highly disruptive role in the field of e-commerce. While it was originally intended for photo sharing, today it is a business platform that can be used by anyone – including those running a dropshipping business . Perhaps you’ve asked yourself one of these questions before: How can you make money on Instagram? How much is possible? How is selling on Instagram different from other types of ecommerce?

In this article, we’re going to discuss strategies you can use to get started and make money on Instagram right away.

Can you make money with Instagram?

The solution to this query is a convincing yes – you could certainly make cash on Instagram. As lengthy because the commercial enterprise may be expressed visually and creatively for advertising purposes, you could enjoy the hundreds of thousands of Instagram users. Now you’re probably asking yourself the subsequent query: How can you make cash with Instagram and what do you need to do for it?

To get started, right here are some methods you could make cash on Instagram:

  • You ought to be aware of subsidized posts for manufacturers that need to target your audience, which in flip makes you the right medium to do so.
  • You ought to come to be an associate marketer and make cash promoting merchandise from different manufacturers or carrier providers.
  • You can also promote your personal merchandise. It may be a bodily or virtual product or maybe a carrier. Basically, you could promote products and services on Instagram, much like in every other e-trade environment.
  • You ought to promote your photography.

The enthusiasts of this social media platform are always on the lookout for new ways to make money on Instagram.Don’t worry, in this post we’re going to detail in detail how people make money on Instagram and how you can do it too. We will also present three interesting success stories.

How can you make money with  Instagram?

Instagram is great for selling products that are easy to photograph. In other words, if your products are photogenic, you can most likely sell them on Instagram. Even if you are photogenic yourself or take fantastic photos, you may be able to build a huge fan base that you can then monetize.

In general, there are at least five business models that can be used to make money on Instagram:

1. Become an influencer and make money from sponsored posts

With your influencer status, you can approach companies and suggest that they advertise their products as part of your posts. An influencer is someone who has built a reputation for themselves by doing things online and sharing that with their followers. They have a dedicated fan base and are able to convince their audience of trends based on the trust they have built with their online presence.

Influencers and sponsored post

Brands like to work with influencers to raise awareness of their products through sponsored posts. Influencers have to keep an eye on many things, such as: the size and reach of their Instagram presences as well as the trust and commitment they build based on their content.

The most famous influencers can earn thousands of euros per sponsored post. Just imagine: You publish one sponsored post per day and can easily earn tens of thousands of euros a month with it. Sounds good, right?

Typical Influencers :

A typical influencer post involves the creation of content such as an Instagram post or an Instagram story in which the brand or its products are advertised. As an influencer, it is therefore very important to know your audience very well. 

You have to understand which group of people your target group is mainly made up of. This is the only way you can assess which brands are best received by your followers. If you have already switched to an Instagram company profile, you can research your key figures in your Instagram Analytics a little more closely.

How to find brands that spend money on sponsored posts?

Now you may be wondering how to find brands that are open to collaboration and willing to spend money on a sponsored post. If you’ve built a significant online presence for yourself, chances are that bigger brands will reach out to you on their own.

But you can also take the reins into your own hands and find brands that, from your point of view, suit your personality and values ​​well. One option would be to reach out to brands directly (through Instagram or their websites) to try to negotiate a deal. Or, you could sign up for an influencer marketplace to increase your chances of working with a big brand.

Tip of the article:

As an additional tip, you should make sure that you do not gamble away the trust of your existing audience with your sponsored posts. It is therefore always a good idea to use appropriate Instagram hashtags  to indicate that it is a sponsored post (e.g. by adding #advertising or #sponsored).

2. Affiliate Marketing: Selling third party products

You can sell other vendors’ products and earn a commission for doing so. Many brands sell their products by using  affiliate programs. There are now many people who make money from affiliate marketing .The difference between an influencer and an affiliate is that an affiliate generates sales for the partner brand and receives a commission for it. In contrast, the influencer primarily aims to create awareness.

Earn money with instagram via a traceable link:

Affiliates earn money on Instagram via a traceable link or a promotional code to ensure that all clicks are converted into sales or can be assigned accordingly.The recipe for success lies in appealing contributions so that you can advertise the products without being too intrusive. But since you can only have one link on your Instagram bio, it may be advisable to connect a landing page to your affiliate link. 

For maximum effectiveness, you should point out in every relevant post that the product can be bought via the link in your Instagram bio.This strategy may seem quite challenging at first. However, affiliate marketing offers a variety of expansion opportunities if you want to continue growing. You could expand your presence by incorporating a website and / or other marketing or social media channels.

3. Sale of poster photos and virtual products

Instagram is all about visual content. Photogenic products sell particularly well on Instagram. You could e.g. B. Sell poster photos, paintings, drawings, animations, videos and other image or video-based products. Again, refer readers regularly to the link in your bio. If you want to earn money with Instagram, you can also rely on your artistic skills.

When you take photos, you should always try to be original and use your own style. When you have built up an appealing photo portfolio, you can advertise it on Instagram with relevant hashtags.

4. Sell your own physical products and make money with instagram:

You can sell any physical product that you either make yourself or purchase from suppliers. This conventional ecommerce trade usually requires you to hold and store some inventory. This in turn means that you have to take start-up capital in hand.

You also need a place to store the products (e.g. an empty room in your apartment or a small storage room). For example, if you’re buying inventory from a China-based supplier, you’ll need to store it somewhere before customers can order it and then ship it.

Since February 2018 you can sell products directly on Instagram via Instagram posts and stories. By simply tagging products in your Instagram images, you can direct your Instagram followers to your product pages where they can quickly and easily buy products.

5. Selling via dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a business model that lets you run your shop without ever having to build your own inventory. Once you’ve made a sale, your supplier will deliver your products from their warehouse straight to your customers’ doorstep .Selling products via dropshipping works in a similar way to the previous section.

 The only important difference: You don’t have to buy and store inventory. With Shopify’s ecommerce platform, you can easily set up your own dropshipping shop , which is free for the first 14 days. Even easier is the dropshipping app from Oberlo and our unlimited free plan. With dropshipping you can experiment in order to find real bestseller products without the use of valuable start-up capital .


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