how to do sms marketing?

How to do SMS marketing?

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How to do SMS marketing? Grasp the 4 psychology of users to do SMS marketing!

Many operators are responsible for KPI indicators such as new pull, promotion, conversion, turnover, etc., but how can the existing user groups quickly increase the activity and transaction volume in a short time?The most common operation method is mass marketing SMS. 


Now users are attacked by a large number of SMS messages every day. If you want to improve the reading rate and conversion rate of SMS , you must write an SMS copy well . One word less effective may be 20% worse.

Essential knowledge for how  to do sms marketing: 

Formal platform

Sending marketing text messages are of a relatively large level. The sending rate and landing rate are high. The content of the text message needs to be reported to move forward. It is necessary to have a perfect SMS viewing background to clearly see the reach rate.

text message content:

The text message has a signature at the beginning, such as [Taobao], and an unsubscribe prompt at the end, such as: Back to TD to unsubscribe, these are all mandatory. A text message can contain up to 67 characters. For multiple text messages, one is 65 words by default. give attention to the number of text messages and try to be as concise as possible.

Send time:

The sending time can refer to the time of the peak reading period of WeChat articles; promotion activities are best sent in advance to warm up, do not focus on sending in a certain period of time, to avoid time collision with large merchant platforms, and you can send it in the afternoon if you want to increase the effect. A wave of reminders.

The purpose of SMS marketing:

1. Pull new: 

Pull new user registration through SMS group sending to improve the purpose of App download/registration.

2. Promotion:

 advertise user-related content and promote user activity.

3. Conversion: 

Notify that the promotion is in progress, promote user purchases, and increase transaction volume.

4. Avoid churn: 

The user churn warning triggers the recall of SMS.If you want to write a good marketing text message and analyze the psychology of the target user, you can make good use of the following points:

1. Use the curiosity of users:

In this era of information explosion and serious content homogeneity, fresh and interesting content can quickly grasp the user’s psychology, stimulate the user’s curiosity, and force the user to take action (download, register, log in, etc.). The content should be closely related to the user,incite the user’s interest, and give the entry for the user to act.


[Tantan application case] So-and-so, your address book friends, set as “crush love”, users will be very curious when they see it, and wonder who it is? Maybe they can register, and then prompt each other to have a crush to automatically Matching also reveals the specific gameplay, and at the same time avoids legal risks (a crush, you don’t know who it is). Maybe no one has a crush on you, you are narcissistic!


2. Create a sense of scarcity:

This kind of content needs to be worth the price, the activity is strong, and it is attractive to users, but this is not enough. It is necessary to further trigger users and clearly tell users: a value-added product, if you don’t take action, you will lose it. Miss this There is no such shop in the village, so regular users must go in and have a look.


There is an explosive replenishment, the activity is 199-100, and the discount is very strong, but only today, if you miss it, you will wait another year. There are only 100 free places, so scarce, you still don’t take action!


3. A sense of respect: exclusive discounts for members

Give users a feeling of exclusiveness, which other people can’t enjoy.. This kind of special offer must be given to users and they must be attractive to this kind of user. For example: 1. In the original takeaway platform, new users could buy a plentiful takeaway for a few dollars; 2. The new sign of the financial platform, the high-yield p4. 


Super user expectations hypothesis, and then give a reasonable explanation.First, list some facts that users recognize, and users feel that it makes sense, then throw out assumptions that exceed the user’s psychological expectations, and finally give a reasonable explanation, which is a bit of a turning point. This is the so-called unexpected surprise.

Final verdict:

In this article,  we have learned how to do sms marketing effectively .  we learned that, the content of marketing text messages must be attractive and promote the user’s curiosity, desire, etc.,. so that users can take immediate action when receiving a text message, which can increase the driving force (for example, buy 20% off now, give gifts), consider the longer the effect The worse..we can improve our sms marketing by applying  above steps.




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