How can you make money with Facebook?

How can you make money with Facebook?

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As a self-employed person, freelancer or freelancer, you are permanently dependent on customers and the order situation. A dilemma, as these are always associated with financial losses. So how about if you could effectively fill this time with a profitable sideline, such as making money with Facebook ?

 As the leading network of social interactions, the social media giant is as popular as ever with over 1.4 million daily users.We’ll tell you what possibilities there are to make money with Facebook and what you should definitely pay attention to!


Who Can Make Money With Facebook?

In principle, anyone who has a Facebook account can make  money with Facebook. It does not matter,  even if you already have your own business, are currently building one or want to get additional income as a private person. There are very different ways to earn money with Facebook, which we will introduce to you below. There is guaranteed  to be something for you too.

Earn money directly with Facebook 

Like photos and pages

You can register with your Facebook account on Facebooktausch24 and Paidlikes . The liking of photos, pages or fan pages is paid for with points, which can be monetized from a certain quota via PayPal transfer.. However, the average earnings are practically just over a cent. So you won’t get rich from it and you have to click a lot for your next purchase in the supermarket.


What you should consider:

Buying likes is not a good thing morally. Rarely will you actually like the photos and pages you like. It also throws the social media thought off balance. In this context, you should also keep in mind that too many and heterogeneous likes can also affect the image that you have built up for yourself.

In order not to take any unnecessary risk, you should always hide your “Like” information. Of course, that doesn’t work before Facebook itself. You should also be careful here, because if you have a noticeably high number of likes, the social network itself can block your account.


Sharing pages and content:

On Linking and Sending Up you can register as a publisher for free and earn money by sharing so-called social seeding campaigns.

Many companies have recognized the added value of organic traffic and, with the help of influencers, would like to spread their content in social networks in a more targeted manner and thus push their viral marketing. The companies get their attention and you get a reward. In addition to Facebook, sharing pages and content is also very easy with Instagram. 

Earn money with Facebook page:

If you already have your own Facebook page with interesting content and lots of followers, you can make monetary use of it.


Share photos and GIFs

 you can not only upload funny pictures and gifs, but also top up your household budget by sharing them. Instead of uploading images and gifs to Facebook straight away, it is advisable to use the mentioned providers. 

What you should consider:

You can upload a maximum of three images per day. When uploading pictures or videos, you should pay attention to the copyrights and provide appropriate information if necessary. If the provider has to remove images because they are not funny or contradict the terms of use, the money will be deducted from you.


Make money with affiliate marketing

There are now numerous companies that offer affiliate marketing. By spreading so-called affiliate links, you as a publisher get a percentage profit in the event of a purchase, as an intermediary, so to speak. This method can also be used to make money on Facebook. 

Amazon pays up to 10% advertising cost reimbursement for linked products. If you post a product that is sold on Amazon on your Facebook profile with a personalized affiliate link and a purchase is made in your community using this link, you will benefit from 10% of the entire shopping cart.


What you should consider:

Again, you should make sure that posting affiliate links doesn’t get too much. Facebook takes a very close look and may block your account.


Develop your own game app

Facebook has created its own niche for software developers: Facebook Developers . Programming is exactly your thing ?! Here you have the opportunity to fully live your subject and to develop games or other popular applications as apps and sell them profitably.

Earn money indirectly with Facebook

If you have your own company with your own homepage (this is mandatory these days!), You can also advertise it with the help of Facebook, attract more customers and visitors and, ideally, increase your sales. 

Build your own fan page and make money with facebook 

If you don’t already have one, it is important to first create and build your own Facebook fan page. You share your content with posts and links to your homepage. A fan page can be viewed like a blog that regularly supplies its followers with good content. Do you have your own blog? You can read here how you can earn money with it : How can you earn money with blogging? .

What you should consider:

If you want to present your Facebook fan page professionally and do not want to get into legal difficulties, you should observe the imprint obligation. A fan page is like a website and should contain necessary information.


You can spread your posts even more with a small fee on Facebook. With so-called ‘sponsored posts’ you can gain more followers, potential visitors and customers of your website for your Facebook fan page in addition to likes. A minimal investment that, if used properly, can effectively increase your sales.

Give away a service or a product on Facebook and you will see that a lot of people are interested in you and your company. This strategy also helps you to push your company through traffic.


Facebook Ads

A classic approach to how you can make money on Facebook is through advertising . Facebook’s target group-specific targeting makes it possible to address precisely those people who are interested in your Facebook page and your company. Ideally, you will make visitors curious enough with your ads that they will click on your homepage.


Do you have to register a business to make money with  Facebook?

We have now shown you some ways how you can earn money with Facebook directly and indirectly. Whether as a blogger, entrepreneur or just as a private person with a Facebook account, as soon as you intend to earn money with your business, you are a trader and have to report this to the tax office. 

This applies to sharing affiliate links, photos and videos as well as selling apps. As soon as you build a profitable source of income on your fan page or in your posts, you have to register a business. If this source of income is interesting for you as a secondary business, you should definitely read our article Registering secondary business .


What does that mean for your tax?

How much tax you have to pay and whether you are exempt from sales tax depends on your annual turnover. If this does not exceed EUR 17,500 in the past year and probably EUR 50,000 in the current year, you are exempt from sales tax (then you fall under the small business regulation of § 19 UStG). But you will not get around a tax return. When you have to register a business and what obligations you have to do with it, you can find out in our blog post: Registering a business – step by step to your own business .


Can you earn your bread with Facebook? – A conclusion.

You are unlikely to get rich, but still: Earning money with Facebook is possible.On the off chance that you like to be on the online media channel and tend to share and like posts, the pastime can also be monetized. So why not ?

If you want to approach it professionally, a combination of the different options is recommended. A noticeable number of activities on Facebook that contradict the idea of ​​social media not only damage your image, but in the worst case can also lead to your account being blocked.

 Content is king and quality comes before quantity! This also applies to making money with Facebook!. As soon as you make profits professionally and regularly with or on Facebook, you should have registered a trade so that you are legally protected.


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